lct295x295About Luis Carlos Torres and ArquivosCriativos.com.br

ArquivosCriativos.com.br was created to offer for everyone some creativity from Luis Carlos Torres – lucato that you can find as a files on various topics to use in your work, because ArquivosCriativos.com.br covers a wide range of Royalty-Free files where you can acquire the license to use the images, illustrations, videos and sounds. These files are organized into various categories such as people, technology, medicine, food and drink, backgrounds and textures, objects, animals, architecture, and many others. ArquivosCriativos.com.br is part of independent artists network called Symbiostock. Talking a little about the author, my name is Luis Carlos Torres, and arose the name Lucato, not as a surname, but as the junction of the two first letters of each name (Lu Ca To). Well, speaking a little more about me, I’m a publicist, photographer, designer, web designer, Illustrator… Well, a creative multimedia guy. :o) I graduated in advertising (module creation) from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi and graduated in advertising design in Panamericana School of art and Design.

ac-loginpagelogoAbout Arquivos criativos logotype:

I created this logo not only as a design for the brand Arquivos criativos (creative files), but there is a whole thinking and meaning of which represents arquivoscriativos.com.br. Here goes the creation defense: the logo is represented by 4 folder with colors and different icons differentiating the types of files that can be found at arquivoscriativos.com.br such as images, vetores/illustrations, sounds and videos. Each folder contains a downward-pointing arrow that represents, the download file. The colors in each folder also has theirs meaning, as well as in the texts. The orange color in the text “Arquivos” (files), as well as in the first folder images with the photo icon, represents that you will find files with innovation, creativity, thoughts and ideas. The second folder, with the gray color, and with the icon of a pen and a vector trace with node, represents the graphite to make strokes, illustrations and drawings, as well as the simplicity. The third folder with the icon of a loudspeaker emitting sound, green color folder, represents the versatility, peace, balance, reduces tension, what actually happens when listening to certain types of sounds. Now on the fourth folder which is in blue color with the icon of a video/play button, as well as the text “criativo”(creative) in blue color, represents attraction, technology, infinity, dreams, emotions, intelligence, friendship, grandeur, order… in sum, all qualities that a video can convey, as well as the creative files found at arquivoscriativos.com.br.

The name “Luis Carlos Torres-lucato”, is inside a box under the text “Os cria” (the creates), passing the information in arquivoscriativos.com.br who creates all files and holds the copyright is Luis Carlos Torres-lucato.  The box where is the text “Luis Carlos Torres-lucato” is in Violet color, because it conveys the idea of imagination, intuition, artistic qualities, be creative, imaginative, wise, with values and dignity, spirituality, consciousness and devotion.

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